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                    UAV/Drone Turbine Inspections

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Drone inspection of wind turbines is the newest way to ensure a safe, fast and reliable inspection method is delivered. With the constant growth of renewable wind energy sources throughout the UK, long term maintenance and repair is required.
While a wind farm has turbines stopped, they are loosing money.
While the wind turbines are stopped, the wind farm is not producing electricity and therefore not generating an income.

Traditionally wind turbine blade inspections are carried out with a rope
access team abseiling down each blade or using elevated access
platforms, identifying and logging damage as they go. The rope access
technique has worked well for the industry but has proved to be slower
than using a UAV / drone to carry out the same inspection.

  More efficient and safer way to inspect wind turbines

Drone wind turbine inspection has proved to be a more efficient way to identify warranty and general condition damage, log the location and size of the damage and report it immediately to the client whilst on site.
Major damage which is noted during the inspections is reported straight away. Following the onsite stage, a detailed review of the images can be carried out and reports are submitted to the client for a decision on the best course of actions for repairs.
All work is carried out by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved operator who is trained and fully insured for this type of work.  They hold the Permission for commercial operations certificate which is the national standard for commercial UAV / drone operations.

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